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JT Elite Performance provide both one to one and small group Personal Training.  We work with anyone from total new gym goers, to athletes looking to improve performance. Everyone is programmed completely different and we make sure everything is tailored and understandable.

Personal training is perfect for those who maybe aren’t as confident walking into a gym by themselves or maybe find themselves a little bit intimidated. I am here to help you learn and understand every aspect of training, and set you on your way.

In some people’s case, you may need that accountability, or a push with your training to take it to the next level. Maybe your an athlete trying to improve sports performance but don’t know where to start.   am open to working with anyone of any ability, but you must be willing to work hard!



We offer 1-1 and Small Group Football Coaching, Alongside providing extra sessions for junior sides. 

With 1-1 coaching, it allows full focus on the player to work on weaker areas of their game, which will help become more confident and transfer the skills over into their games.  Sessions are aimed to both improve the player, but most importantly changing sessions so that the player is being challenged, whilst playing with a smile of their face. Sessions are supposed to be fun, and an environment in what they do not feel any pressure.  

Many junior teams train once during the week, and play games on a weekend, so certain areas of the game are often overlooked when working in bigger groups. It is very hard to get attention to detail that can make the difference come Sunday.


Online coaching is like having a personal trainer, only in your pocket! Instead of face to face sessions, online coaching gives you a structured training and nutrition plan to keep you accountable and on track towards your goals! With online coaching, your coach will set your week/month for you. All you have to do is log in daily, view your set workout and smash it.

Your plan is individual and fully tailored to your goals.  Depending on the package you opt for, depends on how in depth we go into your training and nutrition.  Online coaching is ideal for anyone who is looking for that accountability and guidance to smash their goals, at a cheaper alternative to face to face personal training



JT Elite Performance offers work in local primary schools, delivering high quality PE lessons and after school clubs. As a company we understand how important PE is in Primary Education and we want to have an impact in ensuring the children have received their two hours of required exercise per week, an expectation of the school curriculum.

We work closely with each and every school, following the set curriculum and making sure we teach a wide range of sports, changing term on term. We run each lesson through a full assessment, assessing areas which may be unsuitable and improving them the following week, meaning that we provide the best environment to learn. In regards to after school clubs, we offer a wide range of sports. Sports like Football, Basketball, Cricket and Multi Sport to name a few. We are also looking to introduce Dance & Gymnastics.

“Do it now, later becomes never.”


Tony Harrington
Tony is a Professional EFL Referee, so has to keep up with the high demands of professional footballers. Tony has a set strength and conditioning schedule that he needs to work through, so we look at it and push him through it, whilst being mindful of his busy schedule. We adapt our sessions accordingly to Tony’s fixtures.
Josh Macdonald
Josh is a professional footballer and is currently playing for Halifax Town FC. Josh has recently returned to full fitness following an injury that set him out for 18 months. We have been working to get him back to full sharpness so he can continue to thrive on the pitch. He has recently returned to the Halifax Town starting 11, which is a good acknowledgement to the hard work he has put in.
Matthew Osmond
Matty has been working with me for around 6 weeks, and we are working on a return to semi professional football. Matty is a former professional footballer, but had to stop playing due to work commitments, which lead to his fitness levels declining. So far, we are more than happy with our progress, and hope to get Matty back on the pitch sooner rather than later.
Alex & Sean
Alex and Sean come and see me once a week on an evening after a busy day at the office. Both have very busy jobs, which involve sitting for long periods of the day. They have started to learn the benefit of moving and have made a lot of progress in the time we have been working together. Couples that train together, stay together, right?!



Most frequent questions and answers

Having a personal trainer is ideal for somebody who perhaps isn’t very confident in the gym. Having a personal trainer will allow you to learn movements, so that eventually you are confident enough to go into the gym on your own. Personal trainers can also make people accountable to their goals.

I offer a range of things which start at weekly sessions, but I also offer programmes which you commit longer too. Programmes are ideal if you are looking to commit and get smashing your goals.

I am based at Active Body Conditioning Centre on Portrack Lane (behind B&Q).

Yes, we do offer PPA cover and after school clubs. During PPA we look to cover the full PE curriculum making sure each child gets a good sporting experience. We also offer a range of after school clubs like football, basketball, cricket.

One to one football coaching allows focus on weaker area of a player’s game that may be overlooked in their individual team training. It allows the player to build more confidence in an environment that they will enjoy learning. I base these sessions at Soccer Sensations in Stockton.